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Increasing Awareness, Supporting Survivors & Reducing The Stigma


Ronnie Susan Walker MS, LCPC

Founder & Executive Director

I am so proud of the compassionate community we have built at the Alliance of Hope. Our vision is that no suicide loss survivor go without support. With profound gratitude to all who have supported and helped shape this community, I am happy to share with you this Record of Impact. Once you have looked at the information and stories, return with me to the most important point of them all – you are not alone.

Adult loss survivors are 10x more likely to consider suicide themselves in the initial months following loss.


Rated "Top Health Nonprofit"

by greatnonprofits.org,

with a 5 star ranking

How We Are Helping

Education and support is our goal

We respond to hundreds of calls and email requests for information and support from survivors, clinicians, students, and the

general public.

10 million

That’s how many visits to our site we’ve hosted since 2008, with visitors from 178 countries. Our new mobile-friendly website is now a better resource for the survivors, and the professionals who serve them.

We train funeral directors

to better serve those bereaved by suicide. We created a webinar for the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) and presented at their International Convention.

Our Community Forum is available 24/7, 365

It is tended by a licensed mental health counselor and trained team of 25 moderators and stewards who are themselves survivors. It hosts 16,000 survivors from around the world.

90% of users found us helpful

according to our 2017 survey. We are increasing awareness, supporting survivors, and reducing the stigma.

We assist researchers and reporters

seeking to learn about the impact of losing someone to suicide.


Our community members want you to know the impact you make when you support the Alliance of Hope.

Voices of Survivors


How We Are Growing

* 2017-2018 revenue growth
* * 1,191 Organizations link to Alliance of Hope, including:
  • suicide prevention organizations

  • grief recovery and loss programs

  • counseling and crisis support centers

  • clergy and funeral homes

  • colleges and universities

"The Alliance of Hope was the single most important and helpful component of my recovery from the most crushing grief imaginable. They saved my life. Really."

- Steve Shannon 

Support Growth

In 2018 our revenue increased by 23%, including a net increase in available assets for future work. Based on this trajectory of growth, we’re looking forward to continuing to provide quality service. We are committed to increasing awareness, supporting survivors, and reducing the stigma. 

Growth in Contributions since 2009


A Timeline of Growth


"Thank you for saving my life, when initially all I truly wanted to do was join my precious 19-year-old son. I will never forget the support I received and still continue to receive since that fateful day." 

- BrokenHeartForever 

About our Logo

Pinckney T., a member of our community who lost her brother to suicide in 2013, designed our logo. We asked her to create something that represented the grief journey of survivors, as well as the unique healing culture of our organization. The lovely lotus she created is a traditional symbol of spirit, growth, and resurrection – rising from muddy waters to blossom as a pure, uncontaminated flower. Her design contains elements of angel wings, tear drops, and two hearts.


“The heart and inverse heart work to support each other, like the community here at the Alliance of Hope. One feeds into the other, with the flower growing from that connection. The logo is meant to remind us, that as a community, we are connected, doing whatever we can to help one another grow and thrive.”

- Pinckney

We are grateful to all our Supporters

who make our work possible

Pillars of Hope

Funeral Services Foundation  


Herbert Adelman Foundation

Dignity Memorial (Bay Area, CA & Chicago, IL)

BNSF Railway

Kaplan Family Foundation

Northwestern University (Campus Catalyst & SCNO)


Susan Andersen

Christine Bandoni

Sam & Phyllis Bowen

Therese Dixon

Cindie Fonseca

Al Fudge & Sara Kimmitt

Toshalyn Larsen-Blade

Andra Press

Brenda Reibson

Jennifer Shadur & Mike Coop

Donna & Ed Soule


Board Members
 *current board members

Susan Andersen

Don Belau*

Sam Bowen

Phyllis Bowen (Past Chair)

Franklin Cook

Ellen Karp (Treasurer)*

Melanie Kenderdine (Chair) *

Patricia Mell

Jennifer Shadur*

Heather Shadur*

John McIntosh (Secretary)*

Paul McMickle

Donna Soule*

Steve Shannon*

Ronnie Walker*

Valerie Waymark


We are grateful to our volunteer moderators who each donate hundreds of hours a year in support of new loss survivors. They bear witness to people’s stories, provide information, and extend hope for going beyond just surviving. We often say “they put the hope in the Alliance of Hope.” 

Friends of the Alliance of Hope

These individuals have graciously donated their time and talents to help our organization. Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.

Mari Anixter
Former Facilitator, Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico

Franklin Cook
Co-lead, National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention – Survivors of Suicide Loss Task Force

Aaron Doeppers
Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships
American Heart Association, Nat’l Center

Lori Fresina
VP Executive Director, Voices for Healthy Kids
American Heart Association

Margaret Goode

Nonprofit Development Consultant / Splinter Studios

Aaron S. Kase, Esq.
Kase Law LLC

Kevin Lampe

Executive Vice President, Kurth Lampe Worldwide

Gina Lobaco, CFRE
Fundraising Consultant

Jesse Lava
Director of Policy, Chicago Department of Public Health

Dorothy Paugh
Former Alliance of Hope Blog Editor and gun safety advocate

Katherine A. Rush
Executive Director, Partnership to Educate and Advance Kids (PEAK)

Pinckney Templeton
Creative Director & Designer | pinckneytempleton.com

Hatef Yamini
IT and Innovation Specialist, Dexis Consulting Group


Your Support Makes Our Work Possible

Please consider donating to help us increase awareness, support survivors & reduce the stigma